“Your trusted advisor for systematic & steady wealth creation”

“Wide range of choices based on risk appetite and time flexibility”

“Risk assessment and Financial Acumen” are key in making financial investments. Orion Wealth is a well-established investment and advisory boutique that has been in existence since 2017, offering a wide range of financial services to enterprises with all kinds of risk appetites to make informed decisions while making financial investments for wealth creation. Our wide array of offerings in the form of wealth management, investment advisory services, insurance, corporate FDs, investments in Gold, etc. helps our clients have a diversified portfolio as per their choice and comfort.

About Orion Wealth

Our key differentiating factor that fosters wealth creation for our interested investors and for those looking for ways to grow their wealth is our astute financial acumen that is backed by technological and digital processes. Our automated processes help one complete their investment duties from the comfort of their home or office. Whether it is a video completion of KYC, execution of a transaction through Stock Exchange integration, or phone or email-based registration, we just strive incessantly towards providing a seamless and hassle-free experience to our investors.

Orion Wealth has astute professionals who are aided with years of experience in the domain of researching market trends thereby helping them be abreast with the ever-changing volatility of the market as well as the evolving financial trends.

At the heart and centre of all our decisions are “Our Customers”. We understand that each customer is unique and each has a different trajectory when it comes to meeting their financial goals. Therefore, we provide customised solutions based on the “Risk Appetite & Risk Profiling” of our customers. We consider several factors, be it the overall concentration of the portfolio, the size of the fund, the demographic factors of our investors, etc. we take into consideration everything while providing customised solutions to our customers.

Our extent of services is huge and we can provide a wide range of portfolio choices to our customers across the 4 asset classes that spread across Equity, Debt, Gold, and Real Estate. Whether you are an avid risk-taker or a conservative investor who wants to take it slow, you will get all your requirements serviced under one roof, which is here- At ORION WEALTH.